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SkyTrip SkyTrip

Rated 2 / 5 stars

The gameplay is OK. But the graphic looks bad. And the music is annoying.

Even worse, there is no way to mute the music without muting the sound effects.

Captain The Runner Captain The Runner

Rated 3 / 5 stars

The graphic style is inconsistent. Especially the river. It looks weird.

The gameplay is ok.

The yellow and red thingie doesn't look like something good. I couldn't tell that it brings you coin until I actually try to collect them.

The jump animation isn't obvious enough. I couldn't easily tell whether I'm jumping or not.

The game is quite buggy. I can't get out after clicking on the button "control" in the menu. And the post-game exit button does nothing. I expected it to bring me back to the menu. I bet that the button closes the game in PC version, right? If so, you should make two version of the game. One for PC that has an exit button, another for flash that has no exit button.

Overall, the game is not bad, nor good. It's ok-ish.

Anamik responds:

Thank you so much for trying out my game. Yes, you are right. The Exit button is also present in the PC version of the game which closes the game. It's a bug and I will release a new version after fixing the bugs.

Actually, Yellow colored stars gives you some points and red colored stars give you more bonus points. I think it's +200.

I am glad to hear that you liked the game. It's my first game and I will try my best to make better games in future.

Thank you.

Daze Maze Daze Maze

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Meh background music. The character moving too slow. How about allowing holding a key(such as shift) to make it move faster?

Also, I guess I've found a display bug: the rank(like "Iron Fingers") isn't completely displayed. It seems that the height of the dialog is too low. Here is a screenshot showing the issue:

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Maraham responds:

Changes have been made.
You can (once), press -Shift-
and then the character will move much faster.

A display bug corrected.